Perth International Arts Festival 2015

Richard Mosse, Laurent Grasso, Hiwa K, Eva and Franco Mattes, Ahmet Ögut, Iman Issa, John Smith, Amir Yatziv, Baden Pailthorpe.

Theatres is an exhibition about sites of violent geopolitical unrest in the world today. It features twelve recent video works by acclaimed international practitioners. It appears across two venues, Hackett Hall at the Western Australian Museum and Moana Project Space, in the Perth CBD.

In Hackett Hall, seven works of cinematic scale focus on conflicted landscapes. The works implicate the troubling position of the viewer, some through disturbing beauty, some with ambivalence, and others are more directly confrontational. The relationships between the medium of video, the language of cinema, twenty-first century warfare and theatrical spectacle are placed under the spotlight as the landscape of parts of the Middle East, the US, St.Petersburg, Serbia and Ukraine bear the traces of conflict as silent and impersonal witness. Meanwhile at Moana, artworks explore the diverse and increasingly complicated way modern conflict is technologically mediated.

Part of the 2015 Perth International Arts Festival, Theatres was curated by Guy Louden, Dale Buckley, and Laetitia Wilson.

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Documentation: Dan McCabe.