Tech Hagiography

Guy Louden, Tech Hagiography series, 2019, laser-etched titanium. Made for Spring1883, 2019.

Tech Hagiography is a satirical history of digital technology. The series illustrates the origin-stories of big tech's innovators. Though presented in laser-etched titanium, it adopts the archaic manner of gothic illuminated manuscripts. The works critique the culture of tech and its obsession with genius and progress.

In The Apple Miracle, Steve Jobs shows the original iPhone to an enraptured crowd. Behind him, Apple stocks rise to their trillion-dollar value. Below, angels witness the birth of the smartphone age.

Amazon Fulfillment shows workers in an Amazon warehouse — a picker, a courier, and a contractor. Together they fulfill the commands of the consumer, whose god-like hand reaches from the internet heavens down through AWS clouds.

Google Ad Sense shows Google's founders discovering the value of user data. Users are shown feeding their data into the Google algorithmic network. The founders combine this with web search to create personalised results, enabling the powerful advertising asset, Ad Sense, that made Google profitable.