Panic Buy

Guy Louden, Tiyan Baker

Guy Louden, Dionysus II-III, 2020, print from computer render.

Online exhibition for Sawtooth, 18 September 2020 ︎
Physical exhibition at Private Island gallery 2 October 2020.

Solid ground cracked, and everything permanent and inevitable fell away. Panic buying is a local expression of this age of global contingency. On bare supermarket aisles the tensions between the individual, the communal, and the corporate play out in a crisis of excess and necessity. Who prepares our communities for universal calamity? Panic buying is the climax of a system primed for collapse.

At Sawtooth, Panic Buy is presented as an online exhibition of video, stills, and text in a bespoke website. At Private Island, the exhibition takes the form of installation, video and 2D artwork. Panic Buy is supported by the Copyright Agency's Emergency Action Fund, Sawtooth ARI, and WA Government's DLGSC.

Photos: D.Mccabe