Guy Louden, Snake, 2020, software, live financial data and news. Photo: Louis Lim.

Snake is a remake of the classic videogame but as a critique of techno-capitalism. It understands the speculative and financialised tech industry as both totally trivial and dead menacing.

The work plays on the game mechanics of the original — the player scores and grows until they they inevitably crash. During each play-through the game pulls live data into the frame. One side shows realtime financials from big tech companies, while the other shows breaking news in the startup scene. Between them, the mythic symbol of the ouroboros slowly revolves — the snake that eats its own tail. When the player crashes it is 'game over', but they are always offered a new game.

Playable in-browser on desktops and also on custom artist-made hardware. Exhibited online at Island Island, and IRL at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane. Play online ︎

Institute of Modern Art ︎
Island Island ︎